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         "We're making the World Wide Web a Safer Place to See"


eMyPeople LLC is an Internet Service Provider in Lebanon, Pennsylvania offering customized internet filtering options and e-mail only dial-up access along with a variety of other Internet solutions. eMyPeople's mission is to make the World Wide Web a Safer Place for YOU to see.

 In August, 2000, Joseph Fisher started eMyPeople as a personal hobby and as a service for the church. eMyPeople continued to expand, and in time, Duane Weaver joined the company and brought with him the filtered internet service. Over the years, eMyPeople grew to be more than a hobby, and in May of 2007 Joseph sold his share of eMyPeople to Loren Strickler, Timothy Kreider, and Kirby Witmer. Currently, eMyPeople hosts 2900+ email addresses, and processes 60,000+/- emails daily.